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Yin Yoga


Yin is slow and passive. It is steady and reflective. It is the energy with which we approach our Yin Yoga practice. Our aim is to target the deeper more yin tissues within the body, the connective tissues, ligaments, tendons and joints. We do this through long, still holds of varying asanas that target different parts of the physical and energetic body. The body and mind are challenged in a multitude of ways helping us to not only reap the physiological and anatomical benefits but also to cultivate more mindfulness and mental health benefits both on and off the mat.

Practical info


60 mins.

Flow type:

Gentle slow movements of mainly floor-based asana

Recommended for:

Everybody who is looking for a relaxing and calming practise that helps to dive deeper into the connective tissues and facias.

Class Price:

  • EUR 15
  • First class is free

Let's practice!

In my classes I make everyone feel comfortable and safe within their skill level and ability to do yoga. No one is required to do or to try any pose, and everyone is expected to practice safety and to stay within their own physical limits. The benefits from practicing yoga do not require competition or perfection. The benefits from practicing yoga come from maintaining and enhancing your body's ability to move, to stay flexible, and to experience the free flow of energy & light within.







18:00 - 19:00

Yin Yoga


Private sessions

Private sessions are the perfect option for those with limited time or specific requirements. On-demand classes, at a location of your choice: organize small groups and let's practice together! Private yoga sessions are also perfect for those who want to discover yoga under dedicated guidance.

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