SUP Yoga

SUP Yoga


Whether you’re looking to boost your yoga practice, your paddleboard enjoyment, your sense of empowerment or to simply have fun, SUP yoga can be the answer.

Practical info


60 mins.

Flow type:

Simply put, SUP yoga (stand up paddle board yoga) is practicing yoga on a ​​​​​​stand up paddle board on the water. SUP yoga is best practiced on calm waters like lakes, bays or harbors. In the last years, SUP yoga has become a trending water sport for yogis and for those who already enjoy paddle boarding. In fact, many yogis are improving their yoga skills tremendously by practicing SUP yoga because it requires more strength, balance, and focus. 

If you know a location near Munich where you'd like to have SUP Yoga or if you're a provider looking for a SUP Yoga teacher please feel free to contact me.

This summer you'll find me at yoga festivals like 5 Elements, Yoga United and Om am See. I also teach SUP Yoga at my retreats.

Happy summer! Happy water! Happy life!


Recommended for:

All yogis (including beginners) who'd like to

  1. Refine their technique on land
  2. Strengthen new muscles
  3. Relieve stress (fresh air, sounds of water & nature, gorgeous scenery)
  4. Improve breathing techniques
  5. Increase flexibility
  6. Improve balance
  7. Be outside

Class Price:

  • from 25 Euro

Private sessions

Private sessions are the perfect option for those with limited time or specific requirements. On-demand classes, at a location of your choice: organize small groups and let's practice together! Private yoga sessions are also perfect for those who want to discover yoga under dedicated guidance.

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