Every body is a yoga body

With a background in Business Management, I struggled for a long time with constant overthinking and nervousness, getting out of my head and into my body. In my mid 20ies I already suffered from back/neck and hip problems, tenosynovitis, burn out, mental health issues - you name it! After a siginificant life event in 2012 I quit my job, sold/donated everything I had, booked flights and traveled the world. By expecting nothing and experiencing everything I soon found that Yoga practice dropped me into my body in ways I could begin to see the blossoming of deeper levels of self-understanding.

When I had the chance to start a second career, I dedicated myself to learning and teaching the practice of Yoga. I had the honor and privilege to have studied with many amazing teachers in various parts of the world. What began as a purely physical practice led me to discover the philosophy and mental benefits behind a well-rounded yoga practice.

It is through pranayama, asanas and meditation that I tap into the sense of inner calm and self-acceptance that yoga brings, and I encourage my students to do the same. My classes encourage exploration, safety, and acceptance, honoring the body where it is in the present moment.

I believe that everyone deserves to live a healthy, peaceful and happy life and that regular Yoga practice is instrumental to make that happen.


Embodied Somatic Dance

Mora, Portugal,


Sarsha Hope & Stephen Blase

SUP Yoga

Bagenz, Germany,


Percy Shakti Johannsen

Further YTTs in Yin Yoga, Hatha, Embodiment & Vinyasa

Yoga Alliance, >500hrs

Tara Judelle / Mark Walsh / Gabriela Bozic / Simon Park / Petros Haffenrichter / Patrick Broome / Karl Straub / Sascha Peschke/ Ranja Weis / Amanda Hanna

Vinyasa Flow

Yoga Nadi (Queenstown, NZ), 200hrs


Sarsha Hope / Sandy Murphy

Reiki Second Degree

Queenstown, NZ, Level II


Reiki Master Dave Pollock

What inspires me

Who I support

These are some of the brands and products that I support due to their sustainable approach to business and therapeutical properties:

Kangen Water

Joyful Nature

Yoga Cat