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11 Dec 2020

The Great Conjunction on 21 December 2020

The Great Conjunction on 21 December 2020

Article by: Claudia

Published on 11 Dec 2020

Of course this year is going to have the most dramatic season finale yet, with the Great Conjunction of 2020 — the final point of the Great Transformation — on December 21. The cosmic event happens only about every 20 years and refers to when Saturn (the planet of structure, systems, and authority) comes within 0.8 degrees of Jupiter (planet of abundance, expansion, and optimism). Basically, these planets have nothing in common, so when they collide, they pack big “times, they are a-changing” energy.

Jupiter is expanding energy, and Saturn is subtractive, which creates a generally neutral energy, where we hold immense power in determining how we want this conjunction to manifest. A common theme of Great Conjunctions is the shifting, faltering, and crumbling of the systems we have built.

What’s especially interesting about this conjunction is that it’s unfolding in an air sign, more specifically Aquarius. (In fact, it’s a common astrological belief that this will usher in the Age of Aquarius, which poses to impact society as a collective.) This means that the underlying themes of the Aquarius Great Conjunction will be resilience, liberation, and replacing toxic systems with healthier, inclusive, and unifying alternatives.

It is predicted that the Great Conjunction of 2020 will bring about karma-rooted developments; innovations in science, medicine, and technology; and a general step away from rigid perspectives and favor of forming our own paths. It is also foreseen that themes of control — perhaps a rise in surveillance through social media — and community, with everyone feeling a deeper need to belong, be free, and to accept one another.

But what might the transit bring to you, personally? Well, below, you’ll find a few hints of what each sign should expect.


Aries has a very strong sense of self that comes with a “me first!” attitude, which is a factually accurate mind-set when it comes to the zodiac wheel. But with everything going on in the world, these rams will start to feel a shift in how they relate to others.

Aries should expect changes to innate sense of individuality under this conjunction. They’re being challenged to integrate more with their communities, share themselves with others, and work with a team to accomplish shared goals rather than going at things alone.


Taurus’s recurring problem is a feeling of being stuck (they’re the most entrenched in quicksand of the fixed signs). During the Great Conjunction, they might feel like they’re sinking over the whole “what should I be when I grow up?” conundrum.

Taurus should expect transformations in their career field, whether that’s vibrant new ideas or an intense feeling where they should be somewhere else or doing something different with their lives. They shouldn’t put so much pressure on themselves during this time to already be at the finish line.


For brainy Gemini, the conjunction could be a fresh opportunity to expand their mind.

Gemini will reach new heights with their ideas under the conjunction and find themselves unlocking a new level of wisdom and intellect. They’re likely to become experts in their field or in new areas by exploring their mind and releasing themselves from the confinement of what they think they already know.


For Cancer, the Great Conjunction is about connecting with others in a way that’s more proactive and less needy, while still recognizing their own requirements.

Cancer may find new opportunities with working collaboratively in their professional life. They should remember to embrace the unnerving shifts of energy, and to respect their own and other people’s boundaries.


Leo got knocked off their game real hard with 2020, feeling disempowered by their inability to cluster with others. During the Great Conjunction, they’ll be looking even deeper into the relationships they have (and miss).

Leo may feel a stronger yearning for freedom under the conjunction and experience breakthroughs in their relationships, be it professional relationships, romantic, and the relationship with themselves. They should shed their routines during this time and embrace unconventionality and the unexpected.


Virgo has this very well-meaning, practical approach to problem-solving. They want so desperately to help others, and that might be especially draining on them right now.

It’s all about mental well-being for Virgo under the conjunction. Their work and health sector is illuminated, calling for them to calm their mind and be easier on themselves and others. These changes will lead to greater transformation and clarity in their purpose.


The opposite sign of Aries, Libra is all about the other person, their partner (and Libra does usually has some kind of partner in their life). But in order to show up more bravely in their relationships, Libra will see the Great Conjunction as a revelation to prioritize themselves for once.

Libra will feel their inner child emerging under the conjunction and will be called to explore their needs, dream big, and put themselves first. With this will come an abundance of self love and stronger intimate romantic connections.


Scorpio will experience very personal transformations under the conjunction — which is a classic move for the forever-molting Scorpion. They may also find old wounds are resurfacing that they need to heal and release.

It’s all about memories for them — positive and negative — and figuring out if they’ve left anything positive behind or are still holding on to things that no longer align with who they are at the core.


Still struggling because they can’t do the whole “wanderlust” thing, Sagittarius just might want to keep themselves from doomscrolling as the end of the year approaches.

Sagittarius may experience greater frustrations under the conjunction, as their need to connect and communicate will strengthen, despite the current global climate not allowing room for their need to adventure and explore. They need to slow down and take some time away from social media.


Traditionalist Capricorns have definitely made interesting use of the most unconventional year we’ve seen yet. Keep that burst of innovation flowing!

Capricorn may feel motivated under the conjunction, but they’re being called to expand their horizons and not put a limit on their capability by sticking to what they already know. Great financial reward can be found when they embrace their creativity and are more innovative.


Aquarius will be experiencing the deepest shifts under the conjunction, since it’s occurring in their sign. According to Lettman, this time will be all about realization, reassessment, and refinement of who they are and what they need. Because, let’s face it: The humanitarian sign must be exhausted trying to help everyone who needs it this year.

This is a period of closing chapters and starting over for Aquarius. They should focus on reframing any negative thinking and being kinder to themselves.


Finally, Pisces will feel the tremors of the Great Conjunction and have it awaken their natural mystical side.

Pisces will experience tremendous shifts to their perspective and spirituality or religious beliefs under the conjunction. If they’re responsible and keep their feet on the ground, they will be presented with greater opportunities and support from others to make their dreams come true.


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