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22 Jun 2020

Sweet dreams - ways for better sleep

Sweet dreams - ways for better sleep

Article by: Claudia

Published on 22 Jun 2020

It’s Sunday morning, I’m sitting in a café, the sun is shining and I should be in a good mood. But I’m feeling miserable. I’m cold, hungry, I’ve got headache and everything around me just annoys me. The reason for my very bad mood is little to no sleep!

I can sleep when I’m dead. I thought.

In the past when I could sleep without any issues I never thought about my sleep. Quite often I went out the whole night and the following day without having any sleep at all.

But through sleep we’re healing.

Back then, I call it “in my wild times” everybody thought that to sleep is boring. But just until you know about all the amazing benefits of sleep. Because if we look a little closer universities have proven that a lack of sleep can lead to many health problems of our current society. According to World Health Organisation the Western Countries are even close to an “lack-of-sleep-epidemic”.

Did you know that heart disease, dementia, diabetes and cancer are linked to a lack of sleep?

A lack of sleep lowers our ability to concentrate, weakens our immune system, irritates our brain, lowers our metabolism and fastens our aging process.

Sleep is like a reset button

During sleep our body cleans up an incredible amount of toxins, it rewires our brain, strengthens our immune system and it brings our healthy metabolism. We require less food, we feel less hungry and we get more creative. Through sleep we experience physical and psychological fitness which leads ultimately to more happiness!

Organic help

I’ve written down a few rituals that could help you with your sleep - or you might wanna create your own.

  • Move. Because most of our society doesn’t move that much during the day, I recommend to do some form of exercise once a day. Go for a run, do yoga, ride your bike or whatever you feel you should be doing. Listen to your body. This helps you to release the stress from the day.
  • Turn off your phone. Studies prove that the blue screen of our phones etc. can reduce our time of sleep and can lead to sleeping disorders. Because the unnatural light prevents the secretion of Melatonin, a hormone that helps us to fall asleep. I try to turn my phone off 1-2 hours before I go to bed. 
  • Drink a cup of tea. Best is something that includes one or more of the following ingredients: citron melissa (calming and muscle releasing), lavender (calming to the body), hops (calming to the body as well), chamomile, like this total relax herbal tea.
  • Self care treatment. One of my rituals after a long day is some time spend in the bathroom, sometimes I have a long bath, I take my time brushing my teeth, I simply do what I need to do slowly and conscious. Washing away that day that just passed, clearing my head.
  • Meditate. Especially after a busy day I struggle to quieten my crazy monkey mind and to fall asleep. Even though especially these nights are the nights I need the most. I found that meditation helps me. 5 Minutes can be enough to prepare your body and mind for the upcoming sleep.
  • Read a book. Do you feel like you never have enough time to read? Why don’t you implement it into your evening routine! When I go to bed, I snuggle under my cozy blanket and read a few pages until my eyes get tired and there’s no desire to hold them open any longer. If you’d like some inspiration I can highly recommend The Big Book of Sleep by Prof. Dr. med. Matthew Walker. Through the latest research he explains the phenomenon sleep, what happens when we sleep, how a lack of sleep effects our body, what it is that doesn’t let us sleep and how we develop dreams.
  • Have a sleep diary. You have problems to fall asleep and you don’t know why? It could help to have a sleep diary for a few weeks where you write down what you have done in the last few hours before going to bed. Quite often we developed our routines that we are unaware of. Have you been active before going to bed? When did you have dinner? What did you eat? When did you last look at your phone? All these information could help you the next day to understand why you slept not well or good.

Our bodies are such cleverly designed structures. Let’s look after them. Stay happy. Stay healthy. Sleep well.



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